My Blog Week: August 5 to August 11

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In Sunday’s “The House of Gremot” (part five), Honoré remembers how he came to be Clotilde’s husband; on Monday, a poem, “Now to Steal”. On Tuesday, a new page for the blog, the novel Sequence of Events, and its first post installment, from “A Personal Choice”, the arrival of Stanley Carpenter in pursuit of a niece’s hospitality and a goal of his own. Wednesday, the latest from The Totem-Maker, a change of direction for the character, drawn deeper into rebellion and its consequences. Thursday, the week’s Catastrophe, in which a survivor tells his story. Friday, Hammersmith was back with a new episode, “Night Maneuvers”, featuring a collision between Vic Mack and Mossbunker’s lieutenant. Saturday, another new poem, “The Big House”.
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My Blog Week: August 5 to August 11


A Figure from the Common Lot: The House of Gremot (part five)
August 5

Britannica: Commune of Paris


Now to Steal (poem)
August 6 Sandra Simonds, “Poem with Lines from Pierre Reverdy”


Sequence of Events: A Personal Choice (part one)
August 7

Pinterest: Segregated Help Wanted Ads of the 1920s


The Totem-Maker: I Am the Cause (part three)
August 8

PRI: The story behind Conception Picciotto, Washington’s most resolute protestor


La Catastrophe de la Martinique: seventeen
August 9

Pinterest Board: Volcanoes


Night Maneuvers: Hammersmith (twenty-nine)
August 10

BBC Future: The secret codes you’re not meant to know


The Big House (poem)
August 11

Poetry Foundation: Dilruba Ahmad, “Dhaka Dust”




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