My Blog Week: July 22 to July 28

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Cartoon of tunnel in Grudgerton factory kitchen

Cartoon of the Week: A Day Late and a Magic Bean Short





Honoré, unendearing to his relative, settles in the summer house, and recalls more of his journey, in this Sunday’s A Figure from the Common Lot: The House of Gremot (part three). Monday, a poem, “Fair Enough”; Tuesday, a new episode of Yoharie, “Neighborhood Watch” (part two), in which Hibbler remembers a meeting that falls into dissension. Wednesday, more of The Totem-Maker’s chapter three, “I Am the Cause”, with the character issuing a challenge to Mumas. Thursday’s segment of La Catastrophe de la Martinique tells the sad moment the pyroclastic cloud overcomes the telephone and telegraph operators of Saint-Pierre, the only “witness” to the disaster by those experiencing it. Friday and Saturday, two Hammersmiths
Images on my posts usually have a link to related information (click first image), sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical, sometimes in answer to a direct reference. Since people can be leery about links, I include them here: what they are, what sites they point to.





My Blog Week: July 22 to July 28


A Figure from the Common Lot: The House of Gremot (part three)
July 22

Wikidoc: Tuberculosis Historical Perspective


Fair Enough (poem)
July 23

Poetry Foundation: Dannie Abse, “A Heritage”


Yoharie: Neighborhood Watch (part two)
July 24

Neighborhood Watch Manual


The Totem-Maker: I Am the Cause (part two)
July 25

I have a new blog page, breaking out Totem as a novel in its own right, featuring the complete (for the present draft) first two chapters, and the growing “I Am the Cause”. See the virtual cover design.


La Catastrophe de la Martinique: fifteen
July 26

The Conversation: LOL in the age of the telegraph





New/Old Posts


You Never See It Coming: Hammersmith (twenty-five)
July 27 The Harmonica (mouth organ)


Chickens in a Mood to Roost: Hammersmith (twenty-six)
July 28

PBS: The Maxim Gun




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