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Last week, chapter three ended; this week, chapter four, “The Eye of a Magpie” began, of the novel A Figure from the Common Lot, with section i., The House of Gremot. We are back in Honoré’s world; he has arrived at his long-dreamed-of destination, and is a guest of his American relative, W. A. Gremot. On Monday, part two of the poem from Mystery Plays, “The Cook”; Tuesday, the short story “Are You Adaptable” ended, with Beloye encountering that pivotal moment when the time for escape arrives. Wednesday, The Totem-Maker, chapter two, concluded, with a fate-driven accident; Thursday, La Catastrophe de la Martinique: thirteen, the first of Hess’s witness interviews. Friday, a poem of nonsense words, “Drimoct”, that has something to say about persuasion. Also, reruns of a flash fiction piece, “Fallen Short”, and two more Hammersmiths.
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My Blog Week: July 8 to July 14


A Figure from the Common Lot: The House of Gremot (part one)
July 8

The Swedenborg Foundation: Swedenborg’s Spiritual Ideas


Are You Adaptable (conclusion)
July 10

The Guardian: The Joys of Solitude


The Totem-Maker: Jealousy (part ten)
July 11

Wikipedia: List of horse accidents


La Catastrophe de la Martinique: thirteen
July 12

Gallica: Depêche Coloniale (illustration) 

A fanciful ideation of what the disaster might have looked like. 


Drimoct (poem)
July 13

Poetry Foundation: Claudine Toutongi, “Future Perfect”





New Old Posts


The Cook: part two
July 9

Buy Mystery Plays


What’s the Game: Hammersmith (twenty-one)
July 12

Smithsonian: Where Did the Term Gerrymander Come from?


Flash Fiction: Fallen Short
July 14

The New Yorker: Flash Fiction


A Titled Visitor: Hammersmith (twenty-two)
July 14

YouTube: Vaudeville (documentary)




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