You’ve Lost Me (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 4 Jul 2018 in Art, Poems

Oil painting of angel watching prisoner led away



You’ve Lost Me


Might a laugh be excused

Only let play and withdrawn a second after

Only the news a second time

Making chapter two in the book of failed tries

Ironed flat between stronger signals

the man who shrieked old one who consoled

the flickering intercom I’m sorry

think then might the pulse of these sink gentle

and lay themselves just blanketing

Across the sea where whinny and cackle

About a scattering of fries

Some gulls at sisters and rivals


So along this beach

Two figures stroll

One searching for expression says

Don’t worry

I’m not worried

They’ll get it straightened out

They won’t

We’re out too far

Too far abroad too far from home too far to fall

You’ve lost me

Yes, it was the gulls


Dictation also coming in excess of noise

It would be fine and not so painful

Befitting now the attitude is fateful

To stir, to spin the globe

As masters of great weaponry in secret do

As pusillanimous self-loathers

Fancy in hollow hearts the ill to come

And the dim religion of dimensional immortality

Allow them this gift’s bestowal

On the liberated envied.



You’ve Lost Me

Stylized photo collage of zoomed social media imagesDrimoct
The Cook (part two)















(2018, Stephanie Foster)



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