The Totem-Maker: I Am the Cause (part two)

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The Totem-Maker Chapter Three I Am the Cause (part two)               Come the morning, I had left Madla’s counting room. She might fairly suppose me returned to my master’s house…carry on, then, as Cime no doubt had given her permission. Lom would be sent for burning. With no ceremony […]

Yoharie: Neighborhood Watch (part two)

Yoharie Neighborhood Watch (part two)           Todwillow came to the neighborhood watch meeting, and told them they didn’t have a neighborhood watch. When, that time—as  he meant—they’d abortively tried having one. “You know, guys, there are actual ways of doing this.” He was on his feet and gesturing around, while the […]

The Totem-Maker: I Am the Cause (part one)

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The Totem-Maker Chapter Three  I Am the Cause (part one)             If in life, the Fates were not indifferent to us, and did not record in their Book merely the start and end of each wayfarer’s journey; if our sorrows, petty to them, were guided rather by a kind and […]

Like Hell (poem)

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      Like Hell   On your honor Or upon your oath Do swear to, or in association with (at any rate) Today you see there’s advantage in planning ahead Just where it tells most, go slot in a word That’s no one’s bond, assuredly not yours Not only because they used to Used […]

La Catastrophe de la Martinique: thirteen

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Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (thirteen)                           Those Who Have Seen    VIII. Some Interviews   How was the destruction at Saint-Pierre accomplished? By what force were they thrown to earth, set afire, these ruins through which, in so sorrowful a […]

The Totem-Maker: Jealousy (part ten)

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The Totem-Maker Chapter Two Jealousy (part ten)           Under the pavilion the women lounged, Lom and I fanned, and Madla’s servant carried samples to each, for rubbing between fingers, for admiring the shades of woven thread…two or three, or several…to the effect of one shimmering hue. From her book came samples, […]

Yoharie: Neighborhood Watch (part one)

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Yoharie Neighborhood Watch (part one)           Out along the edge of the landscaping—the spirea bushes and the Japanese lilac, the forsythia, the azalea, the “Aurica” juniper—Hibbler saw his daughter bent, crouch-walking the rubber strip, picking something and putting it in a bowl. The first owners had planted these shrubs long ago, […]

Assorted Opinions: Hate for You, Hate for Me

Posted by ractrose on 5 Jul 2018 in Nonfiction

    Hate for You, Hate for Me               I had the wrong idea about gossip. I thought people sowed hatefulness by putting a bad name on someone; accusing another of having done something:   “Look out, Ben steals people’s stuff.” “Maggie smokes in the bathroom.” “Jack’s resume is […]