My Blog Week: June 10 to June 16

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Cartoon of medieval soldiers disapproving of comrade

Cartoon of the Week: Buzz Word






This week, in A Figure from the Common Lot: Peas in a Pod (part five), Richard has a serious fight with Lawrence, and ends up feeling he bears the weight of the world alone. Monday, The Totem-Maker, “Jealousy” continued, the character witnessing Mumas’s humiliation in the house of Lord Sente; Tuesday, the short story “Are You Adaptable” had its second episode, with the introduction of Stenner, and the start of his graveyard story. Wednesday, a refurbished rerun, Hammersmith, “All Safe Bets Off”, wherein Vic horns in on Aimee’s Philadelphia scheme. 
Thursday, the weekly addition to Jean Hess’s La Catastrophe de la Martinique: this time Hess begins his decription of seeing first-hand the volcano’s devastation. Friday, the fourteenth chapter of Hammersmith, “Want Nothing Will Write”, has Aimee and Hogben setting off, and Vic, by coincidence, joining them in their carriage. Saturday, The Folly takes up again, with “Lonely in Its Reckoning”, Atherleigh’s Agnes the narrating ghost.
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My Blog Week: June 10 to June 16


A Figure from the Common Lot: Peas in a Pod (part five)
June 10

LOC: Typical frame house on Ohio River (photo)


The Totem-Maker: Jealousy (part eight)
June 11

The Millions: The Case for Genre Fiction


Are You Adaptable (part two)
June 12

The Spec (Hamilton, Ontario): James St. Church condo requires cemetery…


La Catastrophe de la Martinique: nine
June 14

Gallica: Photo, 1880s, laundry


Lonely in Its Reckoning: Seventh German Spy
June 16

Poetry Foundation: Herman Melville, “Tom Deadlight (1810)”





New Old Posts


All Safe Bets Off: Hammersmith (thirteen)
June 13

LOC: The Red Flag in New York (illustration) 1874


Want Nothing Will Write: Hammersmith (fourteen)
June 15

LOC: Pension Tree Group (photo)



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