Love Seems Real (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 2 Jun 2018 in Art, Poems

Oil painting of tram cars hand holding gold coins apple with face




Love Seems Real


He knows which attraction

Is the more frequently attended

And which to shoot will win the prize

Smiling hardship collects in her canvas hip-bag

Quarters and quarters, yet even on the pavement stooping

For nickels, sometimes dollars, all things saved by savers

With bitter thoughts playing about her speech

She is rejuvenated

Ash born of the phoenix, her old face

And her burning soul

The shell of a cracked egg taken for the yolk

And squatting in delirium looks up to recognize the hand

He holds discontinuant dreams and maulings

Groans on his feet and envies a soft seat

However secretly done the dead return

They have gone home and lie in strength with their many kin

And will lend you nothing but the silver tube

Of a blow-gun and the dazzling skin of a frog

You have been kissed for alms and the love seems real




Love Seems Real
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(2016, Stephanie Foster)




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