The Sovereignty (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 15 May 2018 in Art, Poems
Oil painting of blobbish creatures taking alarm




The Sovereignty


King toad in straw basketed with his fellow

Rivals lords of hollows under walls

King toad yellows shrinking sandy-hued withal

His eyes squeezed wise to the sovereignty of tucking

He sighs himself flat and banks his warmth

Like to a sunbaked skipping stone he can

Be a pleasing object in the hand

He can live in simultaneity with objective

Rationality and be bled for his bile in medieval

Cottage sorcery he is a small religion

Conferring wartily peace of mind

A curse to poison wells and topple pedestals

Stop cooking fires burning stop

Pots boiling

Plague has maddened the untouched

They see the figure of the flagellant

Yodeling unto the saints hands melded dirtily

With strangers’ taken up in antic dance

Strangers come with faces swathed in unguents

Scheme to conflagrate the poor for comfort

They know it wretched however may be

There is life and there is death

Saving there is spending

Speaking keeping silent

Thinning growing fat




The Sovereignty

Pencil drawing of pine and marsh plants

Loath of Oilty














(2018, Stephanie Foster)




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