My Blog Week: May 6 to May 12

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Cartoon of Columbia losing her job to New American

Cartoon of the Week: Free World, Take One






Chapter Two of A Figure from the Common Lot ended this week, with the culmination of Ebrach’s séance. On Monday, a poem, “Oracle”; Tuesday, “The Immortal Lake”, linked to its sequel. On Wednesday, the short story “Please Help” continued, as Milton finished his errand, having formed, in his short acquaintance with her, an attachment to a woman whose name he doesn’t know. On Thursday, the weekly installment of La Catastrophe de la Martinique, now past the preface, and into Hess’s interviews with witnesses.
On Friday, another segment of The Totem-Maker: “Jealousy”, in which the character tells an unhappy fortune. Saturday, a stand-alone rerun of Hammersmith, Chapter Six, “Mossbunker’s Castle”.
Images on my posts usually have a link to related information (click first image), sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical, sometimes in answer to a direct reference. Since people can be leery about links, I include them here: what they are, what sites they point to.





My Blog Week: May 6 to May 12


A Figure from the Common Lot: Gone Before (part two)
May 6

Chicago Sun Times: Honoring an army of ghost soldiers


Oracle (poem)
May 7 Tom Sleigh, “Oracle”


The Immortal Lake: parts one and two
May 8

Poetry Foundation: Arthur Vogelsang, “Extinct”


Please Help (part three)
May 9

NYT Cooking: Peanut Butter Ice Cream


La Catastrophe de la Martinique: four
May 10

Wikipedia: The Salamander in Folklore and Legend


The Totem-Maker: Jealousy (part five)
May 11

Trees for Life: Raven myths and folklore





New Old Posts


Helping Hands: Hammersmith (five)
May 11

Pantagraph: Late 19th century salesmen


Mossbunker’s Castle: Hammersmith (six)
May 12

Pinterest page: Torsade Presents Hammersmith




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