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Cartoon of fugitive couple by lakeside

Cartoon of the Week: American Noir






A new section of A Figure from the Common Lot’s chapter two began this week: “Gone Before”, in which Ebrach, having come to raise the spirit of Micah Everard, sets to work. On Monday, a poem, “Demimonde”; Tuesday, more of the The Totem-Maker, “Jealousy”, the character suffering under orders to serve Mumas, while showing a dangerous gift for enterprise. On Wednesday, part two of the short story “Please Help”, bringing Milton fully into the trap, sent to run an errand on behalf of the three strangers. Thursday, I posted the third (translated) part of Jean Hess’s La Catastrophe de la Martinique, where he talks about travel in the Caribbean of 1902, unrest in Haiti; the comforts of French ships. Friday, I put up a new Assorted Opinions, with some garden advice and an unblocking exercise for poets. And Saturday, “A Chain”, the latest in The German Spy arc of the Folly…some guiding hand means to unite the dead Tattersbys, Atherleigh and his brother Simon, thus to unveil movements behind the scenes.
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My Blog Week: April 29 to May 5


A Figure from the Common Lot: Gone Before (part one)
April 29

The Guardian: Séances and Science


Demimonde (poem)
April 30

Poetry Foundation: Rita Dove, “The Bistro Styx”


The Totem-Maker: Jealousy (part four)
May 1

Merriam-Webster: 30 Ways to Tell the Future


Please Help (part two)
May 2

Me and My Shadow: Location Tracking


La Catastrophe de la Martinique: three
May 3

Pinterest Board, All Things Torsade: LOC Refugees from Mount Pelée


Assorted Opinions: Personal Territory
May 4

American Phytopathological Society: Plant Defenses


A Chain: Fifth German Spy
May 5

The New Yorker: En Garde





New/Old Posts


The Modern Girl’s View of Marriage: Hammersmith (four)
May 5; Karl Marx on Love and Marriage




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