Yoharie: Stalking (part three)

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 (part three)








“I only read part. When I said finished, I meant done.”

“You didn’t like it? That’s okay.”

“I think I do like it…I just think… I got to this chapter, something recalcitrant…? And then the hero…” She broke off. She bit a fry, conjecturing. Trevor was smiling at her.

“Hero or heroine, right? You don’t know. But…The Recalcitrant One.”

“That’s not the thing. Only it’s weird. Or I guess sad.”

“Story of my life. But what’s the thing?”

“He says…I’m just going to say, he…he says, I knew I would die…”

“I don’t know why, when he looked at me, I foresaw my own death in this word.”

“Well, okay.” Maybe, of his favorite, Trevor could quote each line. “You don’t know my life story,” she told him. “Let’s just say I hate anything gloomy-doomy. I don’t want to read a book if people start dying.”

She saw the corner of his mouth twitch. He half-turned—grinning now, she thought— to slug down some coffee.

“It’s in the first person,” he said. “So…think about it.”

She did.

Need a moment to think about it. And then: “Oh…”

“…but even so.” Because he was chuckling, because she had his stack of Totems close to hand, Giarma snatched hers back and gave Trevor a swat on the knee. “It’s a fantasy. Do they have rules in fantasies whether people have to be alive to tell their story?”

She saw that for Trevor, this engaging him on his subject meant he must weigh in seriousness a question she cared nothing about.

“I guess I can’t think of one, a book like that, off hand. But I’ll do a post on it, see what the aud thinks.”


“Audience. You know, followers. Whatever.”

The cat, whom she hadn’t met last visit, jumped onto the arm of Trevor’s chair.

“What’s his name?”


“I thought Elberin was kind of a bad character.”

“Yeah, but it’s a cool name for a cat.”

“Should I take it back, then?” They’d had a fading out, and she was still holding the book in her hand.







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