My Blog Week: April 1 to April 7

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Cartoon of counsellors teaching clients how to smile

Cartoon of the Week: A Friendly Smile and a Firm Handshake





This week, a new section of A Figure from the Common Lot began, “The House of Everard”, part one. The narrative viewpoint is that of Richard Everard, the elder, recounting how circumstance wedded him to the home he’d tried to leave. In Monday’s Inimical, the last of Chapter 10, Greta chooses the course that seems inexorable, and gets a dose of intimidation; on Tuesday, the latest Hammersmith, in which Hogben finds himself ferried back to the town he can’t seem to leave, inveigled into both a duty and a scheme. On Tuesday, also, a bonus poem, “Confess”, giving the voice of machine intelligence, awakened to conscience. Another Yoharie Wednesday, more of Giarma’s second visit to Trevor’s house.
Thursday, the second Inimical of the week went up, the first of Chapter 11. The accident takes place, its aftermath begins to be sorted among those involved. As forecast last week, Hammersmith, part one, also went up Thursday. Hogben considers Shaw for a partner, and banters with Ruby and Minnie. Friday, “Are You Loveable” continued, with a number of short passages leading the characters to legal consequences. On Saturday, a poem, “After a Spell”.
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My Blog Week: April 1 to April 7


A Figure from the Common Lot: The House of Everard (part one)
April 1

On the Water: Reading the River


Inimical: Tried in the Fire (episode twenty-seven)
April 2

Wikipedia: Intimidation


Hammersmith: Fleeing and Eluding (twenty-eight)
April 3

Dept. of Justice: Victimizations not reported to police 2006-2010


Confess (poem)
April 3

Twitter post: Controversy reminds me


Yoharie: Stalking (part two)
April 4

Flavorwire: 50 Essential Cult Novels


Inimical: The Hindenburg (episode twenty-eight)
April 5

YouTube: Pathé film “The Hindenburg Disaster”


Hammersmith: Hogben and Shaw(one)
April 5

Susquehanna Flood Forecast and Warning System: History


Are You Loveable (part six)
April 6

New York Times: A Woman’s Touch, Still a Rarity in Car Design


After a Spell (poem)
April 7 Rainier Maria Rilke, “Black Cat”



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