After a Spell (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 7 Apr 2018 in Art, Poems

Pencil drawing of pine trees and deer




After a Spell


Know these embarrassments, these shades

That walk by the moon’s light

Unhappy humors stalk and gain their shapes

Outline of oneself in condensation

Condescension within reach

Her chair the sink and knives

Tossed as a game of nerves clinking over talk

The guest’s friend’s talk

Of rubies she thought rubies she thought

I want them

Girls maybe this belittlement cracks you

Thumps like a boiled egg in a cup

Some scheme to make you suffer

New clothes to fill in fall and winter

Pastels pick them from the crystal ring

And your sweet petit fours are spring

One by one get to the melting

Of inland islands we are all assured

Prod at the deprivation the act’s first paragraph

Cats let us hand over our work in silence

and be gone


In silence and be gone

After a spell a sparrow’s song

His uncertain chance to feed, hers to build a home

Within an ace of a winning hand

The get-together broken by another’s self-absorption

Nod to this or laugh at that or chit-chat with the phone

Crawl into the shadows to convulse alone

Can anyone say now what you want?

Not to be derided for backing out

Bereft of faith in others states her price

Amblyopia a wandering disease

laser-tweaked RNA decanting

Circles walked and babbling




After a Spell

Acrylic painting done ink blot style bird-like faceThe Mind’s Eye















(2017, Stephanie Foster)




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