Yoharie: Stalking (part two)

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 (part two)







But her idea made Giarma that touch more irritated with Hibbler, his intrusion when she’d been rehearsing a talk with Trevor…

Not a talk…

Just a diplomatic goodbye…

And not a goodbye…

Just a rejecting of his beloved Totem-Maker

Probably a goodbye…

Worse, she told herself, pushing Trevor’s bell, than if Hibbler were The Creep in its atavistic form, without complications. But that was Kate’s job, to plumb these, if she would…the soul of Jeremiah Hibbler must be securely, therefore—and thankfully—a closed book.

She handed a book to her host and told him she was finished with it. The lie might be apparent. But she’d had Totem three days…had even stayed up past one a.m. reading the first chapters. Before hitting the snag.

“Now, I have a proposition. Maybe you won’t like it.”


“Come in.”

She crossed his threshold. He turned up a palm in the direction of the sofa. The room smelled like McDonald’s…the bag was there, on the coffee table.

“Better eat that,” she said. “Don’t let your fries get cold.”

“Have some if you want.”


“No, go on.”

“…all right.”

“This time I got you a Diet Coke.”

He went off to the kitchen, and she heard the sound of a hand rummaging in an ice bin. Her hand, though, was in his fries.


Giarma sipped, and waited for Trevor to stop chewing. “What are you proposing?”

“You want half a cheeseburger…?”

“No, no. Maybe a bite.”

He handed it to her. Adapting, she bit, and traded the cheeseburger for a napkin.

“My proposal,” he said. “Take the rest.” He gave her the fries. “You know I have the blog. I always have a ‘first encounter’ feature for newbies. So you’ll let me interview you?”






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Stalking (part three)














(2018, Stephanie Foster)




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