My Blog Week: March 25 to March 31

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Cartoon of Ghouls' diplomatic mission

Cartoon of the Week: from Ghouls, “Necessary Concessions”




Extra! I have redone the Hammersmith page, so will be posting chapter twenty-eight on Tuesday, but also reposting episodes one to twenty-seven with new links, periodically, until caught up.




The first section of A Figure from the Common Lot‘s Book Two, Jerome, ended this week, with night falling and Ebrach’s seance soon to begin. In Monday’s Inimical, Greta and Malcolm-Webb are intercepted by Winter. On Tuesday, a new episode of Yoharie began with Giarma, somewhat reluctant returning The Totem-Maker to Trevor; meanwhile, on Wednesday, The Totem-Maker itself continued, with “Jealousy”, in which the character sees a dangerous pattern emerge.
Thursday’s Inimical brought Greta, with Kneussl this time, to the point of confrontation. In Friday’s “Are You Loveable”, George contemplates pesky reality, Daisy explodes, and Alfred Oliver scores an exclusive over an old rival. Finally, a new episode in the Folly series, “Chiswick 1934”, wherein the character Krug wakes up dead.
Photos on my posts usually have a link to related information (click first image), sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical, sometimes in answer to a direct reference. Since people can be leery about links, I include them here: what they are, what sites they point to.





My Blog Week: March 25 to March 31


A Figure from the Common Lot: Jerome (part six)
March 25

Indiana Economic Digest: Tobacco farming still pays the bills…


Inimical: Tried in the Fire (episode twenty-five)
March 26

Jewish Virtual Library: Nazi Perpetrators—The Gestapo

Yoharie: Stalking (part one)
March 27

Scientific American: How the Illusion of Being Observed…


The Totem-Maker: Jealousy (part two)
March 28

Khan Academy: Primordial and complex jealousy


Inimical: Tried in the Fire (episode twenty-six)
March 29

Britannica: Lake Constance


Are You Loveable (part five)
March 30

History of American Journalism: the 1920s


Chiswick 1934: The German Spy (two)
March 31

Poetry Foundation: Cornelius Eady, “The Cab Driver Who Ripped Me Off”




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