TV Culture: Episodes (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 20 Mar 2018 in Art, Poems

Pastel drawing of two men and girl under bridge





city life thickens the plot confined

To a living room parochial

A heavy laugh track, man and wife

Taped to the carpet apron to tie

Before a sofa black and white

“Mess this up, I’m gonna kill ya!”

“Try it and yer on yer own!”


The kitchen through the window

By fire escape the upstairs neighbor

Lowers her prize beef bourguignon

The lid comes off the pot

Turns out the cat got in it

That was one


There was the ranch

Hey, where they keepin’ Ol’ Doc Evans

Never see him but he’s steppin’ out

From a false front store on Main Street

Ain’t Red Hannigan’s gumptious widow

Missin’ her boy Johnny, freckled kid

Run after them bad men, crept up hid

Johnny saw ‘em by the canyon

Circle horses ’mid the pinyon

Took up with some no ’count injun

Johnny broke that ornery mustang

Widow Lily doesn’t like it



Low buildings, sand and scarlet

All this west coast life is signs, signs, signs

Ambulance barreling through the light

And the faultline

Green atomic glass was gathered

Somewhere close The Conqueror was filmed

Hero with a gentle manner

In his white coat heeds the beeper

Had a wife but couldn’t keep her



Oil painting of silhouetted man and woman near bed

Mr. Prosecutor
Music to the Silent Spirit












(2018, Stephanie Foster)



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