My Blog Week: March 4 to March 10

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This week’s A Figure from the Common Lot: Jerome (part three), had Honoré recalling his break with Clotilde and early days in Utica. Monday’s Inimical brought Greta in the company of Kneussl to an aerodrome.
Tuesday, Hammersmith returned, with Zetland’s explanation of Mossbunker’s machinations, and Hogben finding himself a prisoner. A segment of Yoharie went up Wednesday, in which Dawn tries an overture of friendship with Giarma, and remembers her start as a working person. In Thursday’s Inimical, long flight preparations lead at last to the moment of take-off; while in “Are You Loveable” Mulhall gets inside the Bay Tree House, and George Bradshaw’s story, courtesy of Alfred Oliver, begins. Finally, in another sampling of The Totem-Maker, the character becomes property.
Photos on my posts usually have a link to related information (click first image), sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical, sometimes in answer to a direct reference. Since people can be leery about links, I include them here: what they are, what sites they point to.





My Blog Week: March 4 to March 10


A Figure from the Common Lot: Jerome (part three)
March 4

Wikipedia: Steamship


Inimical: Considerations Beyond Understanding (episode nineteen)
March 5

MotorSport: Great Cars of the 1920s and 1930s


Private Enterprise: Hammersmith (twenty-seven)
March 6

WWF: Impacts of sugarcane production


Yoharie: Dawn
March 7

Who What Wear: One Chart Will Change Everything You Know About Women’s Sizes


Inimical: Considerations Beyond Understanding (episode twenty)
March 8

Wikipedia: de Haviland Puss Moth


Are You Loveable (part two)
March 9

CUNY: Health in America


The Totem-Maker: Jealousy (part one)
March 10

Old Farmer’s Almanac: Weather Proverbs




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