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This week, Book Two of A Figure from the Common Lot began, changing the scene to Cookesville, Indiana, and the centennial year of 1876. Monday’s Inimical concluded Chapter 6, in which Doris gets inspired, and Greta tries initiative. Tuesday, a fresh installment of The Totem-Maker‘s Chapter One: “The Little I Can Tell”; Wednesday, a new flash fiction, “Free for All”.
Thursday’s Inimical episode contained Chapter 7, “Alarm-Posts and Signal-Posts”, in its entirety. So if you haven’t gone to the page, try it, and keep up with the story! “Are You Haunted” has finished its run, ending Powell Kenzie’s adventure. Next in the Friday slot comes “Are You Loveable”, a serio-comic novella set in 1928. Finally, Saturday’s post was the tenth episode of Pale Knight, “Poison in the Marrow”, with Trout coming off the worse, following his encounter with the apparition. (For your entertainment — FYE — the last two lines of “Poison” are taken from the old ballad, “Barbara Allen”
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My Blog Week: Feb 18 to Feb 24


A Figure from the Common Lot: Jerome (part one)
February 18

Villanova Library Exhibits: The Centennial Celebration of 1876


The Mutual Friend: Inimical (episode fifteen)
February 19

Britannica: William I Emperor of Germany


The Totem-Maker: The Little I Can Tell (part three)
February 20

Smithsonian: Can the Art of Divination Help People Cope with Climate Anxiety?


Free for All: Flash Fiction
February 21

BBC News: Is Avon still calling?


Alarm-posts and Signal-posts: Inimical (episode sixteen)
February 22

Collingwood: Top Tips for doing Business on the Golf Course


Are You Haunted (conclusion)
February 23

History: the 1950s


Poison in the Marrow: Tenth Pale Knight
February 24

Library, Los Alamos Nat’l Laboratory: A Factor of Millions





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