How Does It Work?

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What is Torsade Literary Space?




Originally, a personal blog I started when I was trying to drum up notice for my novel, Inimical (2014). Being new to the business of publishing; being a rural person, I was looking for promotional tactics that were within my scope. Bit by bit, I learned, and my writing objectives changed. My body of work expanded. I took up poetry, making use of my old artwork, eventually producing new, original art for each piece. I’d found out by then that an image anchors a post, and is more eye-catching than plain text. Last July (2017), I changed the name of the blog and started customizing it, turning it into a storehouse of my own stuff, where readers can browse limitlessly (though a purchase or donation definitely helps keep things going.)

Or, Torsade may be viewed as an anthology of my publications, one that grows and grows. 

Check my Announcements page (link below) to get theme music and a slide show related to my novel, A Figure from the Common Lot; also, links to Things to Try, and “My Blog Week” posts, listed from most recent to oldest. 





How Does It Work?


You might come across one of my posts while browsing Twitter or your WordPress reader, and you might say to yourself: “Hammersmith number twenty-four? Well, I’ve missed most of the story. I don’t want to start in the middle.”

Let me show you an example from The Folly:


Song of Trout: Eighth Pale Knight 


(The Folly is a series of stories, told in poetry, about ghosts who seek forgiveness from those they’ve wronged, which is what allows them to cross over.)



Pastel drawing of blue-skinned ancient warrior


The Folly

The Legend of the Pale Knight



Song of Trout


There is no harm in others underestimating one’s fortitude

Matthew Piers Trout has reason to be sure of it

Sure as he’d known, from school days, loneliness

mutate into priestly hauteur [ . . . ]


If you click on the first header in this case, the link will take you to The Folly page, where the entire series begins. If you click the second header, it takes you to the beginning of the story arc in which “Song of Trout” fits into the eighth episode slot. For subscribers, who get a notice whenever a new post comes up, links, and for long posts, bookmarks, make it easy to find the place on the page where the post they were reading continues.


Image of salt shaker warning post contains salty language    ( If you see the sign of the salt shaker, on a post or page of this blog, that means the characters use words that may offend some.)




This page has short summaries of novels, My Blog Week post links, a slide show, videos, theme songs, Things to Try, and other information.



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