Bride to Be (part two)

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Bride to Be (part two)



Bride to Be 


I was for solitude and a certain path

That crossed a bridge so narrow

Here where the men stood off

In disobedience I spurred my mount

Daughter, you have seen it for yourself

How rare this treasure is

To be alone


In my father’s household dwelt a rival’s son

Sent to beg my lord for sanctuary

By an uncle had usurped the crown

This, in the affairs of men, is courtesy

His name was Alderic, and my father

For some flattery the youth had offered

Had gifted him a peregrine

I with my merlin…

And I feared

He’d set the falcon on her


He had such humors

And called to me, following

Words I did not hear

Had I been unencumbered

Coming to the widening of the way

Along the river I’d have dared the chase

“If you gave me your advice…”

His voice was there, at my left side

“I would take it.”

We were alone.

“And why,” I answered him, “do you say so?”



Bride to Be

Bride to Be (part two)

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(2018, Stephanie Foster)



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