My Blog Week: Jan 28 to Feb 3

All the Latest from Torsade!                           To My Subscribers: The Friday, 9th February, episode of “Are You Haunted” will be called part eleven. I changed the parent document from 14 pt to 12 pt type, and so went through and renumbered the pages, and […]

Paris: part one (A Figure from the Common Lot)

Posted by ractrose on 4 Feb 2018 in Fiction, Novels

A Figure from the Common Lot Paris (part one)                         iv. Paris     « Ma sœur, mon frère, je m’adresse à vous. Je m’adresse à votre cœur. Nous sommes malheureux. Nous portons un fardeau trop lourd. Cette disgrâce est insupportable. Nous n’avons pas cessé […]