Yoharie: Jeremiah (part one)

Posted by ractrose on 28 Feb 2018 in Fiction, Novels

Yoharie Jeremiah (part one)               “Yeah, Beatty, come on.” Savannah, aged ten, had been so keen on having an Australian Shepherd. Hibbler remembered searching with Kate online for a place they could drive to, open on a Saturday. Take the girls…don’t take them. “It has to be both their […]

Investigation (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 27 Feb 2018 in Art, Poems

      Investigation   Think of a reasonable start Think of property Attribute Value or character Kernel, bare-bones truth Pith, intrinsic worth, the molten core The heart of gold, the nut Diamond in the rough The call, the mission, cause Awakening The deaf, the empty vessel, cabbage head The beckoning dead, the comfortably seated […]

Old World Diplomacy: Inimical (episode seventeen)

Posted by ractrose on 26 Feb 2018 in Fiction, Novels

Inimical Chapter 8 Old World Diplomacy (episode seventeen)                 Am I in earth, in heaven, or in hell? Sleeping or waking? Mad or well advised? Known unto these, and to myself disguised!   The Comedy of Errors William Shakespeare     April 27, 1937. Kneussl seldom visited his […]

Alarm-Posts and Signal-Posts: (episode sixteen)

Posted by ractrose on 22 Feb 2018 in Fiction, Novels

Inimical Chapter 7 Alarm-Posts and Signal-Posts (episode sixteen)                 “Top-off, Half-gone,” murmured the mouse. “They are such curious names, I cannot but wonder at them.” “That’s because you are always sitting at home,” said the cat, “in your little gray frock and hairy tail, never seeing the world, […]

Totem: The Little I Can Tell (part three)

Posted by ractrose on 20 Feb 2018 in Fiction, Novels

The Totem-Maker The Little I Can Tell (part three)               I was as tall, at length, as the elders. By now our town had doubled in size, from the enclave in which I’d lived alone with the priests, and the woman once my mistress; it had doubled again and […]

The Mutual Friend: Inimical (episode fifteen)

Posted by ractrose on 19 Feb 2018 in Fiction, Novels

Inimical Chapter 6 The Mutual Friend (episode fifteen)           “When I got home…now, I mean in reality when I got home, I knew Al had something on his mind. I found out what, the first time I did the shopping. Because, you see, I always put a dollar in my hairpin […]

Yoharie: Kate Hibbler and Mat Busby

Posted by ractrose on 17 Feb 2018 in Fiction, Novels

Yoharie Kate Hibbler and Mat Busby             At one time, it had been the Witticombes, and Cathlyn Burris. Then, awful Trevor; lately, the Yoharies. The Yoharies were different… “Like every kind of different.” The annexation was from 1987; the ring of houses around the subdivision’s cul-de-sac once showcases, one for […]

The Mutual Friend: Inimical (episode fourteen)

Posted by ractrose on 15 Feb 2018 in Fiction, Novels

Inimical Chapter 6 The Mutual Friend (episode fourteen)               They made her a grave, too cold and damp, For a soul so warm and true; And she’s gone to the Lake of the Dismal Swamp, Where, all night long, by a fire-fly lamp, She paddles her white canoe…   […]

How Does It Work?

Posted by ractrose on 14 Feb 2018 in The Latest

What is Torsade Literary Space?       Originally, a personal blog I started when I was trying to drum up notice for my novel, Inimical (2014). Being new to the business of publishing; being a rural person, I was looking for promotional tactics that were within my scope. Bit by bit, I learned, and […]

Refuge of Scoundrels (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 13 Feb 2018 in Art, Poems

      Refuge of Scoundrels   I am fidelity locked in the shell Of a barnacle, no bounding sea shall Pry me from the pier The pier itself then topple in the tempest And there, still for the hell of me, until the bout’s end bell I clamp on like a manacle, like a […]