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Cartoon of bachelor marmots

Cartoon of the Week: Alone with One’s Thoughts. (Re: News article that bachelor marmots live longer.)






Sunday’s A Figure from the Common Lot: Passage (part one), Honoré has a trying train ride to Compiègne; under new pressures, he comes to doubt Broughton’s good will. In the first Inimical of the week, from “Turning the Corner”, Malcolm-Webb has a chance to learn the nature of the Peace League’s mission. The Folly continues, with Pale Knight’s eighth episode, “The Song of Trout”, wherein Virginia Keltenham’s assistant contemplates the weight of public duty. 
A new short story in the Tourmaline series, “Cadisk” debuted on Wednesday. Palma is in prison, close to the town of Cadisk, using her time to study the G.R.A.’s mechanisms. Thursday’s Inimical closed Chapter 3, with some studied conversation on a parallel theme, though it seems to be the plot of a screwball comedy. In Are You Haunted, Powell remembers the beginning of his breakdown, and meets Lettie. On Saturday, a new poem: “A Small Exchange”.
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My Blog Week: Jan 21 to Jan 27


A Figure from the Common Lot: Passage (part one)
January 21

Britannica: Compiègne


Turning the Corner: Inimical (episode seven)
January 22

SourceWatch: Front groups


Song of Trout: Eighth Pale Knight
January 23

The Guardian: Secrecy and firing squads


Cadisk: seventh Tourmaline (part one)
January 24

National Geographic: Seafood May Be Gone by 2048


Turning the Corner: Inimical (episode eight)
January 25

New York Tourist: the Empire State Building


Are You Haunted (part eleven)

*This post redirects to the page. I have renumbered the episodes of Haunted.

January 26

PBS: The Perilous Fight: The Mental Toll


A Small Exchange (poem)
January 27

Poetry Foundation: Sarah Lindsay, “Elegy for the Quagga”



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