Corey Jack: American Expatriate

Posted by ractrose on 6 Nov 2017 in Art, Poems

Oil painting abstract mountain landscape




American Expatriate


The colony encourages braggadocio

Gives heart to the gringo’s lean

Grinding poverty, as the phrase goes

A powder mill

A testing ground for the half-baked

Loaf, the hilltop house with its big glass views

Air-conditioned, the car garaged

TV rotten, but you get videotapes

Porn, lots of porn, if you like that stuff

Then they’ll throw in a whammy, when you all at once

See a face you know, and you realize,

It isn’t porn, it’s a sting

Everyone here is an exile

And everyone here is dirty

There’s a weird camaraderie with these sick tar-babies

You hate them more and more

You embrace them tighter

And you hate the locals

You see them eye that mountain overhead

Over yours

The money flows like a river of mud

And the death they want for you is slow and choking

So Stan has sent Jack down here to do some brokering

And for the first time he’s got a Beretta under the mattress

Makes him strong


He never knows if the playing cards are a gag

If the test’s whether Stanley’s boy’s a chump

If the girl he caught going through his drawer

Was the caretaker’s daughter—too Hollywood

He wakes up dead and can’t keep track




American Expatriate
Digital drawing of screaming male face

First in the series: Crash















(2017, Stephanie Foster)




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