Corey Jack: Paranoia (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 7 Aug 2017 in Art, Poems

Digital painting resembling film stills showing face at window






Fixed in Corey Jack’s mind

His paranoia, so-called

A prophetic vibe he has known as a birthright

The pictures given are all wreckage

Windows busted out with a blackened lick of flame

A rank of old acquaintance wasted, cause

If you get the breaks you get a diploma

A contract from the state and permission

To put names on things

Pillars of standing corpses

A little army of his own making

Have spored into a rain forest

And that also fills the house

Corey could close his eyes and see the mushrooms sprout


“Ya killed people! Ya killed people! Take it serious!”

“Shit, come on,” Corey Jack says to the friend he hates.

Jared always got a theory. Competition is killing the economy.

What’s killing the economy is native stupidity.

Jerks like Jared. “I’m sorry I ever talked to you.”

“No, goddamn, Jack. It’s in the paper. You did time.”

“Well, then, it was one person. And I didn’t do her either.”

“I know. You’re cured.” Jared giggles. “You’re only one

person yourself, these days.”




Charcoal and pastel drawing of man rolling eyes
Working Overseas
Taste Is Victory















(2017, Stephanie Foster)




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