Corey Jack: Actors Act (poem)

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Corey Jack: Actors Act



Actors Act


Being, at the wheel, free to fly, she’d closed her eyes


The light was red

But he was grinning like a wise guy

Revved and squealed off

A Mazda pushed the yellow light and blocked her

His rude old Ford was parked there

Catty-corner at the Holiday Inn

She thought she’d find him if she stopped

Cradling beer and ashtray, at the bar

He was that type



“I’m Tanya.”

She wears a snap-front overshirt, knit cuffs

Picked and pilled, badge pinned to chest

And so he guesses she is

He’s a charming drunk, with a vulnerable streak

The British accent just seems to come

Makes Corey laugh, inside, a little

Like the doctor never sat in a movie theater

Watching actors act

“So how is Tanya?”

She giggles. “Oh, I’m good.”


He wouldn’t get this chance

Fear and silence, calculating

Thinking, I can’t lose

But then he’d thought he couldn’t win

“Who is Jack?” A game I play

“No one I know.”

“Let’s explore that.”

He’s tired, sitting up in bed

Wondering how she sleeps with the TV

Yammering and flashing light


The room goes dark

What if I just did this one?

For no reason…that’s the point

For no reason



Actors Act
Corey Jack: Actors Act

Corey Jack’s Misery











(2017, Stephanie Foster)



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