The Impresario: part fourteen

Posted by ractrose on 25 Feb 2017 in Art, Poems

    The Impresario Part Fourteen   “Now you recall I had been telling you How the solicitations of my own Gaspard Were not to be refused…I, most readily Admitting everything, called down, mon frère Heaven’s wrath on my own head Did I omit a word or tell a lie For as against the scaffold, […]

The Big Pants: part four

Short Stories The Big Pants (four)         Paul Messerman, sharing Perry’s bench and busy with his Chromebook, seemed to take the smile as an invitation. “Hey, Perry, you okay for a while?” “Listen, if you got stuff to do…” Perry turned up the palm of one hand. No, he could’ve gone either […]

The Impresario: part thirteen

Posted by ractrose on 20 Feb 2017 in Art, Poems

    The Impresario Part Thirteen   Pierre, rocking back, raises his flask with a solemn, studied lack Of impudence (although the features of his face tend against him) The baron, he notes, has an arrogant flare of nostril and curl of upper lip, yet He does not fully sneer in spurning this. Saying merely, […]

The Impresario: part twelve

Posted by ractrose on 15 Feb 2017 in Art, Poems

    The Impresario Part Twelve   The prisoner’s advocate begins to feel himself followed It seems to him a certainty the footpad is that fellow Who gives his name in fraudulent humility as Pierre “Only that.” And loiters round the guardhouse. The advocate turns on a heel, making the jailer’s victualer Behind him stagger, dropping […]

The Big Pants: part three

Short Stories The Big Pants (three)         She was rhetorical this time. Gerda narrowed her eyes, and nodded. Her audience murmured among themselves. “Two thirds of my food is raw. This takes great energy to digest. So that my metabolism will not lose power, I eat four ounces of protein, and have […]

The Impresario: part eleven

Posted by ractrose on 8 Feb 2017 in Art, Poems

    The Impresario Part Eleven   This fate invoked, Pierre avoids reprisal Lays hand on Tortu’s arm in sad rapport Doing so he slips aside and she Her face washed clean of paint, still washed in tears Yet seen through penitent’s eyes become unblemished Returns to him not knowing by what fault She has […]

The Impresario: part ten

Posted by ractrose on 4 Feb 2017 in Art, Poems

    The Impresario Part Ten   The keeper of his purse departs A servile gratitude for this answering of an urgent summons The impresario feels And feels enfolded in a fallen angel’s wings Bearing the stench of cursedness; a humble plea To all he meets for small respect. Merci. He means to pay them […]

The Big Pants: part one

Short Stories The Big Pants (one)         “Someone has got a watch.” They all knew it. In point of fact, two watches, for green light as well as blue bumped from the floor, modest hemispheres glowing where the exercise demanded pitch dark. The lights rose, converged, shed themselves on Toby’s face; apologetic […]