The Big Pants: part four

Short Stories The Big Pants (four)           Paul Messerman, sharing Perry’s bench and busy with his Chromebook, seemed to take his smile as an invitation. “Hey, Perry, you okay for a while?” “Listen, if you got stuff to do…” Perry turned up the palm of a hand. No, he could’ve gone […]

The Big Pants: part three

Short Stories The Big Pants (three)           “Now,” Gerda said, “if you were thirsty, and you drank a teaspoon of water, that would not help your thirst. If you had another teaspoon of water, it would not help. Suppose you could not drink at all, for hydration, but could only eat. […]

The Big Pants: part one

Short Stories The Big Pants (one)               “Someone has got a watch.” They all knew it. Two, in point of fact, green light as well as blue bumping from the floor, modest hemispheres glowing where the exercise demanded pitch dark. The lights rose, converged, shed themselves on Toby’s face; […]